resorts in delhi

In this blog, we’re diving into the world of resorts in Delhi, exploring the top 10 places to relax and enjoy some serious comfort.

Hey there, folks! Have you ever considered taking a break from the city chaos and treating yourself to some luxury?

Well, Delhi’s got just the thing for you—fantastic resorts like a bit of paradise.

Delhi has everything from fancy places like ITC Grand Bharat to hidden gems like Hans Resort.

So, let’s jump into the blissful world of resorts in Delhi!

Picture this: you, surrounded by elegance, comfort, and tranquility, right in the middle of Delhi! Sounds impressive, right?

In this blog, we’ll show you the top 10 resorts in Delhi to guide us through the city’s most relaxed stays.

1. ITC Grand Bharat: Fancy and Grand

ITC Grand Bharat

Imagine a place where everything screams luxury.

That’s ITC Grand Bharat for you! Tucked away in the Aravalli range, it’s like a palace from a fairy tale.

The resorts in Delhi pop up in every nook and cranny, showing off the city’s knack for making grand places.

The ITC Grand Bharat is not just a regular place; it’s a super fancy and big resort.

Now, let’s talk about where you’d sleep.

The rooms in ITC Grand Bharat are not just rooms; they are like cozy nests with super comfy beds and everything you could dream of.

And, oh, the views from your window are like pictures from a postcard. Fancy, right?

But the coolest part is the food. ITC Grand Bharat has restaurants that serve food from all around the world.

You can try Indian food that tastes like a party in your mouth or international dishes that will make your taste buds dance.

And guess what? The place where you eat is so grand; you’ll feel like a king or queen.

ITC Grand Bharat: A Dreamy Haven of Luxury, Relaxation, and Grandeur in Delhi

Imagine this: You had a long day of doing nothing, and now it’s time to pamper yourself.

The spa at ITC Grand Bharat is the place to be. They have massages and treatments that will make you forget all your worries.

It’s like a fancy relaxation zone, and you’ll feel super grand after.

If you’re into golf or like hitting balls on a field with a stick, you’re in for a treat.

ITC Grand Bharat has an extensive golf course—27 holes, to be exact.

It’s like a playground for grownups; the view is so incredible you might forget to play.

Now, let’s talk about parties. The ITC Grand Bharat is like a pro at hosting significant events.

Whether it’s a wedding, work, or just a big family get-together, they’ve got you covered.

The place is so grand; your event will be the talk of the town.

When the sun decides to rest, ITC Grand Bharat becomes magical—the lights and the gardens—like being in a fairy tale at night.

Walking around feels like you’re in a fancy movie.

To summarize, ITC Grand Bharat is not just a resort but a dreamy vacation spot.

It’s got fancy rooms, fantastic food, a spa for relaxation, golf for fun, and a grand atmosphere for everything else.

If you’re looking for a super cool and comfy stay in Delhi, ITC Grand Bharat is where the magic happens.

2. The Roseate: Chill Vibes Away from the City

The Roseate

The Roseate is your go-to spot if you want to escape the city without driving too far.

This place is like a modern work of art, with incredible architecture and beautiful surroundings.

Resorts in Delhi perfectly fit the vibe, telling you that Delhi knows how to do resorts right.

Walking into The Roseate, you feel like you are entering a different world.

The place is surrounded by lots of greenery, making it look like a picture from a storybook.

The calm and peaceful feeling hits you immediately, making your stay feel like a blissful escape from busy city life.

One thing that makes The Roseate different from other resorts in Delhi is its spa.

It’s not just a regular spa; it’s a whole experience. Imagine getting pampered with relaxing treatments in a calm and beautiful place.

It’s the perfect way to unwind after a day of exploring the city or dealing with work stuff.

A Culinary Haven with Eco-Friendly Luxury and Tranquil Retreat in Delhi

The food at The Roseate is another level of awesome.

They have different places to eat, each offering yummy dishes worldwide.

So, you don’t have to go anywhere else for good food—it’s all right there.

The Roseate, apart from other resorts in Delhi, is a food lover’s paradise.

What’s cool about the Roseate is that they care about the environment.

They do things to be eco-friendly, like using less energy and being thoughtful about waste.

It’s nice to see a fancy place like this taking steps to be kind to the planet.

If you’re tired of the city chaos and need a break, The Roseate is like a peaceful hideout.

It’s not just a place to stay; it’s an experience.

Whether you’re a traveler looking for a chill weekend or a busy person needing a quiet spot, The Roseate is where luxury meets relaxation.

In the world of resorts in Delhi, The Roseate is a standout choice for a fancy and chill escape.

3. Neemrana Fort Palace: History Meets Luxury

Neemrana Fort Palace:

Have you ever wanted to stay in a real-life fort? Neemrana Fort Palace is your chance! It’s like a time machine taking you back to the 15th century.

This place is all about history and fancy living, making it stand out among other resorts in Delhi.

Neemrana Fort Palace has more to offer than just a place to sleep.

You can pamper yourself with ancient-inspired spa treatments or relax in a stunning pool surrounded by beautiful gardens.

It’s not just a stay; it’s an exploration of history.

Regarding food, Neemrana Fort Palace takes things up a notch compared to other resorts in Delhi.

Their restaurants serve a mix of Rajasthani and global dishes, making every meal a flavorful adventure. It’s not just eating; it’s a royal feast.

The fort’s impressive architecture and spacious grounds also make it a popular choice for weddings and events, setting it apart from typical resorts in Delhi.

The fort provides a magical backdrop for celebrations, making them feel special.

While some resorts in Delhi focus on modern comforts, Neemrana Fort Palace balances history and luxury.

The careful restoration work ensures you get a taste of the past without giving up on today’s conveniences.

To sum it up, Neemrana Fort Palace is not just one of the many resorts in Delhi; it’s a unique experience where history meets luxury.

Staying here is not just a getaway; it’s like taking a trip back in time, surrounded by the grandeur of Rajasthan’s regal history.

If you’re looking for a retreat that goes beyond the usual, Neemrana Fort Palace shows that real luxury combines history with opulence.

4. The Tree House Resort: Sleeping in the Trees

The Tree House Resort

Yes, you read that right! The Tree House Resort is all about getting close to nature.

Imagine a place where you can escape the city chaos and sleep high up in the trees.

That’s what The Tree House Resort offers among the resorts in Delhi.

Tucked away in the Aravalli Hills, this unique retreat lets you stay in beautifully crafted treehouses, blending luxury with nature.

Surrounded by greenery, each treehouse becomes your private sanctuary, allowing you to relax amid nature’s beauty.

This resort in Delhi takes pride in being eco-friendly, making it an ideal spot for those who care about nature.

The Tree House Resort lets you enjoy the beauty of the Aravalli Hills guilt-free, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for those seeking a break from city life.

5. Westin Sohna, Zen Mode: On

Westin Sohna, Zen Mode

Westin Sohna is like a mini-vacation for your soul. It’s not just a resort; it’s a wellness retreat.

Massages, great food, and nature—it’s the perfect combo. The word reminds you that Delhi also knows how to do wellness!

Westin Sohna is where ‘Zen Mode’ is always on for a tranquil escape among the resorts in Delhi.

The resort also takes wellness seriously in its dining options, offering nourishing and wholesome meals.

Whether relaxing by the pool or enjoying spa treatments, the Westin Sohna is a top choice for those seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating escape among resorts in Delhi.

6. Damdama Lake Resort, Lakeside Bliss

Damdama Lake Resort

Delhi might not have a sea, but it has lakes, and Damdama Lake Resort makes the most of them.

It’s like a water lover’s paradise, with fun activities and gorgeous views. “Resorts in Delhi” reminds you that even lakeside fun is on the menu.

If you dream of a peaceful lakeside retreat among the resorts in Delhi, Damdama Lake Resort is all about lakeside bliss.

Damdama Lake situates this resort and offers stunning views of the serene waters, providing a break from the city buzz.

7. Heritage Village Resort and Spa: Culture Galore

Heritage Village Resort and Spa

Ever wondered what it feels like to live in a village? Heritage Village Resort and Spa can show you!

It’s like a cultural explosion with traditional vibes and good food.

It tells you that Delhi’s resorts are not just about luxury but about experiences.

The resort’s architecture mirrors the grandeur of ancient palaces, adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant hues that transport guests to a bygone era.

The interiors have artifacts and paintings that tell the story of Delhi’s illustrious past, creating an immersive cultural experience.

The spa at Heritage Village Resort is a sanctuary of rejuvenation where ancient Ayurvedic practices meet modern wellness.

Guests can indulge in treatments inspired by age-old traditions, providing a holistic escape that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit.

The resort’s culinary offerings are a gastronomic journey through Delhi’s culinary heritage, with a fusion of regional delicacies that titillate the taste buds.

8. Surjivan Resort: Village Feels

Surjivan Resort

Surjivan Resort takes you back to the basics in a good way. Mud cottages, cultural performances—it’s like a village adventure just outside Delhi.

“Resorts in Delhi” pops up, reminding you that not all resorts must be fancy to be excellent.

Surrounded by lush greenery, the resort recreates the charm of a traditional Indian village, complete with thatched-roof cottages and open courtyards.

The resort’s commitment to sustainability adds an eco-friendly touch to the ‘Village Feels’ experience.

Activities at Surjivan Resort offer a glimpse into the daily life of a village, with pottery sessions, bullock cart rides, and folk performances that celebrate Delhi’s rural heritage.

The resort’s organic farm-to-table dining further enhances the village experience, with fresh, locally sourced ingredients transforming into delectable dishes that reflect the region’s agricultural richness.

9. Best Western Resort Country Club: Family Fun

Best Western Resort Country Club

We are looking for a place that’s fun for the whole family. The Best Western Resort Country Club is the answer.

It’s got green spaces, activities, and comfy rooms for everyone. It tells you that family-friendly resorts are also part of Delhi’s charm.

The Best Western Resort Country Club takes pride in its exquisite dining options that cater to diverse palates.

Whether one craves traditional Indian cuisine or international flavors, the resort’s dining establishments promise a gastronomic delight that complements the overall luxurious experience.

Apart from its lavish accommodations and gastronomic offerings, the resort offers various recreational activities.

Guests can enjoy various leisure pursuits, from a rejuvenating spa experience to engaging in outdoor sports

The well-manicured gardens and sparkling swimming pools add to the resort’s charm, providing a refreshing ambiance for guests seeking a break from their routine.

10. Hans Resort: A Quiet Getaway

Hans Resort

Hans Resort is like a secret hideout. Tucked away, it’s perfect for a quiet and peaceful getaway.

It reminds you that Delhi has surprises waiting for you, and he is there, whispering, “Resorts in Delhi can be hidden gems, too!”

The Hans Resort prides itself on its commitment to guest satisfaction, which is evident in its impeccable service and attention to detail.

The resort’s dedication to providing a seamless experience extends to its event and conference facilities, making it a preferred choice for business meetings and social gatherings.


Wow! That was quite a journey through the most fabulous resorts in Delhi, right?

Each has an excellent flavor, from fancy places like ITC Grand Bharat to the cozy Hans Resort.

So, let’s sum it up. Our “Resorts in Delhi” has been our tour guide, reminding us that Delhi is not just about traffic and markets.

It’s also a treasure trove of these fantastic getaways we explored together.

Whether it’s the grand ITC Grand Bharat or the chill vibes at The Roseate, each place has its magic.

And guess what? Neemrana Fort Palace took us back in time, and The Tree House Resort let us sleep in the trees—how cool is that?

Westin Sohna was all about zen mode, and Damdama Lake Resort had us dreaming of lakeside bliss.

Heritage Village Resort and Spa was like a cultural party; Surjivan Resort had a village feel; and Best Western Resort Country Club was all about family fun.

And then there’s Hans Resort, our hidden gem, making us realize that Delhi’s surprises never end.

They whispered, “Resorts in Delhi are not just places; they’re experiences waiting to happen.

“So, there you have it—the top 10 resorts in Delhi, each with its own story.

Our little companion ensured we didn’t miss Delhi’s incredible variety in the resort world.

Remember these resorts next time you need a break from the city buzz.

Delhi is not just a city; it’s a place where you can dive into luxury, nature, history, and more, all thanks to these fantastic resorts and five-star hotels in Delhi.

It is like a secret code telling us that relaxation is just a resort away in Delhi. Until next time, happy resorting!