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Welcome to the historical marvel of Vadodara, the Mandvi Gate, a timeless emblem of the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Further, standing proudly as the north door of the Royal Enclosure, Gate serves as a poignant reminder of Vadodara’s Mughal legacy. However, its name, derived from the Sanskrit word mandapa, evokes images of grand pillared corridors, reflecting the architectural finesse of its time.

Constructed under the reign of Sultan Muzaffar between 1511-26 AD, this square-shaped edifice boasts three majestic arched openings on each of its four sides, exuding an aura of regal grandeur. However, Mandvi Gate open today, stands as a bustling hub within the city’s heart, surrounded by a vibrant marketplace that echoes the footsteps of traders and vendors.

Once a vital checkpoint for toll collection and city announcements, it symbolizes Vadodara’s past and present convergence. Further, renovated under the visionary leadership of Governor Malharoa Maloji in 1736 AD, Gate stands as a testament to Vadodara’s enduring heritage and architectural prowess. Come and embark on a journey through Mandvi gate timings.

1. Mandvi Gate, Vadodara

Mandvi gate distance, Mandvi gate open today, Mandvi gate timings, mandvi bazar vadodara, mandvi vadodara directions,

Along MG Road, adjacent to the vibrant Choksi Bazaar, the Mandvi Gate is a timeless emblem of Vadodara’s rich historical tapestry. Dating back to the early 16th century, this architectural marvel was commissioned by Sultan Muzaffar during the illustrious Mughal era. Positioned strategically at the convergence of four thoroughfares leading to the city’s ancient gates, Gate was a pivotal point for trade and civic discourse.

In its heyday, this Gate was not merely a passage but also a hub for toll collection from merchants traversing through Mandvi Bazar Vadodara. Moreover, it doubled as a platform for significant public proclamations, resonating with the pulse of the bustling city. Initially comprising only a ground floor, the Gate received a graceful augmentation in 1856 AD, courtesy of Ganpatrao Gaekwad, who added upper stories to its splendid structure.

Mandvi Gate retains much of its original allure today, showcasing exquisite jaali work, a stately watchtower, and a vintage clock that adds a timeless charm. Further, stepping through its portals is akin to embarking on a journey through Mandvi Vadodara directions storied past, where history seamlessly merges with the present. 

2. How to Reach 

Mandvi gate distance, Mandvi gate open today, Mandvi gate timings, mandvi bazar vadodara, mandvi vadodara directions,

Mandvi Gate in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, has several convenient transportation modes. Firstly, you can opt for a hassle-free bus journey to the Mandvi gate distance, as it is well-connected by local bus services.

Alternatively, you can enjoy a quintessential Indian experience by hopping on an auto-rickshaw, which offers flexibility and affordability. For those seeking a more private commute, taxis or cabs are readily available, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Additionally, located at MG Road, Choksi Bazar, Mandvi Gate is a timeless symbol of Vadodara’s rich heritage. Whether you’re an early riser or prefer exploring under the evening sky, Mandvi Gate welcomes visitors round the clock, offering a serene ambiance at any hour.

However, the best time to fully absorb its beauty is during the tranquil hours from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. With just 15 minutes to explore this architectural gem, Mandvi Gate promises a brief yet enriching experience for all travelers. For seamless travel planning, consider using the best online travel planner to effortlessly craft your itinerary to places to visit famous monuments of Gujarat.

3. Accommodation 

Mandvi gate distance, Mandvi gate open today, Mandvi gate timings, mandvi bazar vadodara, mandvi vadodara directions,

A. Sayaji Vadodara

The historical charm of Vadodara lies in the exquisite Sayaji Vadodara Hotel, a luxurious haven that embodies opulence and grandeur. Situated near the iconic Parsi Agyari, Sayaji Vadodara offers an unparalleled experience of elegance and comfort.

Moreover, guests are conveniently located just 2.65km from Mandvi Gate and connected to the heart of the city’s vibrant culture and heritage.

From the moment you step into Sayaji Vadodara, you are enveloped in a world of refined sophistication and warm hospitality. With its strategic location near Mandvi Gate, exploring the rich tapestry of Vadodara’s attractions becomes effortlessly accessible.

B. Effotel by Sayaji Vadodara

Near the iconic Kala Ghoda Circle in Vadodara, Effotel by Sayaji presents a harmonious blend of luxury and convenience for travelers. Located merely 2.53 kilometers away from the historic Mandvi Gate, this esteemed establishment offers unparalleled accessibility to one of Vadodara’s cherished landmarks.

However, effotel by Sayaji Vadodara is a testament to exquisite hospitality, boasting contemporary amenities, elegant accommodations, and exemplary service. Every aspect of this hotel is sophistication and comfort, from its strategic location to its tastefully designed interiors.

4. Top Restaurant Picks

Mandvi gate distance, Mandvi gate open today, Mandvi gate timings, mandvi bazar vadodara, mandvi vadodara directions,

A. Pizza Da Dhaba

Pizza Da Dhaba, conveniently in Fatehgunj, is just a stone’s throw away from Mandvi Gate. This culinary gem within The Royal Hub Apartment in Vadodara, India, promises a gastronomic journey.

However, on a delectable adventure as you indulge in many tantalizing pizza creations, each bursting with robust spices and fresh ingredients. From traditional favorites to innovative renditions, Pizza Da Dhaba caters to every palate, ensuring a memorable dining experience. 

B. Subway

Located just 2.84 kilometers from the historic Mandvi Gate in Vadodara, Subway offers a delectable escape for locals and visitors alike. Furthermore, conveniently near Utkarsh Petrol Pump, in the Govardhan Apartments, this Subway outlet at Shop No. 4/3 & 4/4, Muktanand, Karelibaug, serves up a delightful array of freshly made sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more.

Whether you’re craving a hearty lunch or a quick bite on the go, Subway’s diverse menu caters to all tastes and preferences. Additionally, seamlessly from the bustling streets of Mandvi Gate, Subway welcomes patrons to indulge in a satisfying dining experience amidst the vibrant energy of authentic Gujarati food.

C. Aangan Restaurant

Nestled just 1.1 kilometers away from the historic Mandvi Gate in Vadodara, India, lies the culinary haven known as Aangan Restaurant. Moreover, this charming eatery, located at 1 Near Narhari Hospital, RK Centre, Fateganj, offers a delightful fusion of flavors that captivates locals and tourists alike.

Step into a realm where traditional Indian cuisine meets contemporary flair, promising an unforgettable gastronomic experience. From aromatic curries to sizzling tandoori delights, every dish at Aangan Restaurant is meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds.


In conclusion, Mandvi Gate is a timeless symbol of Vadodara’s rich cultural tapestry, weaving together stories of resilience and grandeur from centuries past. From its origins in the Mughal era under Sultan Muzaffar to its renovations by Governor Malharoa Maloji, the Gate has witnessed the ebb and flow of history while retaining its majestic allure.

Today, it serves as a physical monument and a living connection to Vadodara’s heritage, welcoming visitors to explore its intricate architecture and vibrant surroundings. As one steps through its portals, they are transported on a journey through time, where the echoes of trade, civic discourse, and public proclamations still resonate. 


Q: Who built Mandvi Gate?

A: Mandvi Gate, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘mandapa’ meaning pillared hall, was constructed during the reign of Sultan Muzaffar (1511-26 AD). It was later renovated in 1736 AD by Governor Malharoa Maloji under the orders of Damaji Roa II.

Q: What is the significance of Mandvi Gate?

A: Mandvi Gate holds immense historical significance as it stands at the center of Vadodara’s walled city, where the roads to the four gates intersect. It serves as a symbol of the city’s rich heritage and architectural splendor.

Q: How many gates are in Vadodara, and where is Mandvi Gate located?

A: Vadodara has four gates: Hira Bhagol (east), Vadodara Gate (west), Champaner Gate (north), and Nandod Gate (south). Mandvi Gate is situated at the heart of the walled city, where these roads converge.

Q: What is the architectural style of Mandvi Gate?

A: Mandvi Gate exhibits exquisite craftsmanship and intricate detailing, reflecting the grandeur of its era. It features elements of Islamic architecture blended with local influences, making it a unique symbol of Vadodara’s cultural heritage.