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Welcome to the Anand Bhawan Museum, a timeless testament to the illustrious Nehru family’s legacy and India’s struggle for independence.

However, constructed in Anand Bhavan in the 1930s by Motilal Nehru, this historic house museum symbolizes resilience and patriotism in Allahabad.

Further, as Swaraj Bhawan transformed into the nerve center of the Indian National Congress, Anand Bhawan emerged as the new residence for the Nehru family, adorned with exquisite wooden furniture from China and Europe, alongside numerous artifacts sourced globally.

Anand Bhawan Museum transcends mere architecture; it embodies the spirit of India’s freedom movement. Furthermore, hosting clandestine meetings and strategizing sessions, it witnessed the enthusiasm and determination of iconic freedom fighters striving to overthrow British rule.

However, in a pivotal moment, Indira Gandhi bestowed this treasure to the Indian government in 1970, ensuring its preservation as a national museum, thus safeguarding the Nehru family’s rich heritage for generations to come. Moreover, step into Anand Bhawan Museum, where history resonates with every artifact, echoing the voices of India’s past struggles and triumphs.

1. Anand Bhavan Museum 

Anand Bhawan Museum ticket price, constructed Anand Bhavan, Anand Bhawan Museum opening time,

In the heart of Allahabad, the historic Anand Bhavan Museum is a testament to India’s rich political legacy. Originally gifted to the Indian government by the esteemed former President, Indira Gandhi, in 1970, Anand Bhavan was subsequently transformed into a museum, serving as a homage to the illustrious Nehru family.

Additionally, seamlessly  from a residence to a history repository, the museum encapsulates the essence of India’s struggle for independence.

Visitors are immersed in a treasure trove of memorabilia belonging to Pandit Nehru, including his personal effects, which offer an intimate glimpse into his life. However, adorned with photographs documenting pivotal moments in the Indian National Congress’s journey and clandestine meetings of freedom fighters, the museum intricately weaves together the threads of India’s fight against colonial rule.

Additionally, the repository boasts an impressive collection of books and historical documents integral to Pandit Nehru’s involvement in India’s quest for sovereignty. Anand Bhavan Museum stands as a monument to the Nehru family’s legacy and a beacon of India’s enduring spirit of resilience and determination.

2. Nehru Planetarium 

Anand Bhawan Museum ticket price, constructed Anand Bhavan, Anand Bhawan Museum opening time,

Nested within the illustrious confines of the Anand Bhawan Museum lies a hidden gem of astronomical wonder – the Nehru Planetarium. Established in 1975 and overseen by the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund, this celestial sanctuary serves as a beacon for igniting scientific curiosity among the youth.

Transitioning seamlessly from the pages of history to the realms of modern scientific exploration, the planetarium stands as a testament to Jawaharlal Nehru’s enduring legacy and you can explore more in hill stations in Uttar Pradesh.

Nestled amidst verdant gardens, the Nehru Planetarium beckons with its promise of immersive astronomical experiences. School children, drawn by the allure of the cosmos from serpentine queues, eagerly await their turn to delve into the mysteries of the universe.

Moreover, as a poignant tribute to Nehru’s vision, the planetarium hosts the esteemed Jawaharlal Nehru Lecture annually on 14th November, commemorating the birth anniversary of the visionary leader.

Thus, within the tranquil confines of Anand Bhawan Museum ticket price, the Nehru Planetarium stands as a symbol of scientific enlightenment and a Anand Bhawan Museum opening time tribute to a towering figure in Indian history.

3. Swaraj Bhavan 

Anand Bhawan Museum ticket price, constructed Anand Bhavan, Anand Bhawan Museum opening time,

Anand Bhavan Museum lies Swaraj Bhavan, a pivotal division showcasing the rich legacy of the Nehru family. Originally the residence of Motilal Nehru, this historical abode transitioned into the hands of the Indian National Congress in the 1920s, emerging as a crucial hub in India’s struggle for independence.

Additionally, the significance of Swaraj Bhavan extends beyond its political role; it also holds personal significance as the birthplace of Indira Gandhi, daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru. Aptly translating to the “Abode of Freedom,” Swaraj Bhavan now stands as a museum preserving the Nehru lifestyle, with a captivating array of antique furniture and home decor on display.

Within the larger framework of the Anand Bhavan Museum, Swaraj Bhavan offers visitors a poignant journey through India’s fight for independence intertwined with the personal narratives of one of its most influential families.

4. How to Reach Anand Bhawan 

Anand Bhawan Museum ticket price, constructed Anand Bhavan, Anand Bhawan Museum opening time,

To embark on your journey to the illustrious Anand Bhawan Museum, nestled in the heart of Allahabad, you’ll find yourself approximately 5 kilometers away from the Civil Lines Bus Stand, situated within the bustling cityscape.

Fear not, for reaching this cultural gem is a breeze. Transitioning seamlessly from your arrival point, you can opt for a convenient taxi or the quintessentially Indian auto-rickshaw to whisk you away to this historical abode. Anand Bhawan Museum awaits, promising a captivating glimpse into the legacy of the Nehru-Gandhi family and the rich tapestry of India’s independence movement.


In conclusion, the Anand Bhawan Museum is a testament to the Nehru family’s enduring legacy and a beacon of India’s struggle for independence. Through its meticulously preserved artifacts and historical narratives, the museum offers visitors a profound journey into the heart of India’s past, where the echoes of freedom resonate with every step.

Also, from the intimate insights into Pandit Nehru’s life to the pivotal moments captured in photographs, the Anand Bhawan Museum encapsulates the resilience and determination that characterized India’s fight against colonial rule.

Moreover, nestled within its walls lies the Nehru Planetarium, a celestial sanctuary inspiring scientific curiosity and paying homage to Jawaharlal Nehru’s vision of progress and enlightenment. As visitors explore the corridors of this historic house museum, they are not merely observers but participants in a living narrative of India’s rich cultural and political tapestry. 


Q: What is Anand Bhawan Museum famous for?

A: Anand Bhawan Museum, located in Allahabad, is renowned for its association with the Nehru family. Constructed by Motilal Nehru in the 1930s, it served as their residence and played a pivotal role in India’s independence movement.

Q: What does Anand Bhawan Museum offer visitors today?

A: Today, Anand Bhawan Museum is a heritage site that showcases the Nehru family’s lifestyle and preserves their legacy through a remarkable collection of antique artifacts, including furniture and home decor.

Q: Is Anand Bhawan Museum the ancestral house of Jawaharlal Nehru?

A: Yes, Anand Bhawan Museum is indeed the ancestral house of the Nehru family. Built-in 1927 by Motilal Nehru, it replaced their previous residence, Swaraj Bhavan donated to the Indian National Congress.

Q: Who was the architect behind the Anand Bhawan Museum?

A: Motilal Nehru primarily oversaw the design of the Anand Bhawan Museum, with additional expertise provided by a specialist architect commissioned by the Tata family. This architectural gem is a testament to the Nehru family’s historical significance in India’s freedom struggle.