Top 20 Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh

In the following blog, we will go into the Top 20 Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh.

Nestled in the northeastern corner of India, Arunachal Pradesh beckons travellers with its breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and tapestry of unexplored wonders.

The state, known as the ‘Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains,’ boasts many places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh that will leave you awe-inspired.

Arunachal Pradesh, nestled on the northeastern frontier of India, is a mesmerizing canvas painted with the vivid hues of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and untamed wilderness.

Renowned as the ‘Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains,’ this enchanting state boasts an unparalleled charm that beckons travellers seeking an escape into the heart of unexplored beauty.

As we embark on a virtual expedition through the Top 20 Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh, get ready to be captivated by the serene monasteries, pristine valleys, and cultural gems that make this region a haven for every avid explorer.

We will continue our odyssey through hidden gems, cultural extravaganzas, and the sheer raw beauty that defines this northeastern haven.

Join us as we unravel the secrets of Arunachal Pradesh, where every destination is a story waiting to be told.

1. Tawang Monastery: Unveiling Spiritual Grandeur

Tawang Monastery

Arunachal Pradesh is synonymous with tranquility, and the Tawang Monastery is a testament to this.

Perched at an altitude of 10,000 feet, it is one of the largest monasteries in India, offering a serene escape amid the Himalayas.

The places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh are not just destinations but gateways to immersive experiences.

With its spiritual grandeur, Tawang Monastery sets the tone for a soulful exploration.

The echoes of tranquility resound through the valleys, and each destination adds a unique brushstroke to the canvas of Arunachal Pradesh’s beauty.

2. Ziro Valley: Nature’s Canvas

Ziro Valley

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ziro Valley is a paradise for nature lovers.

This valley offers a mesmerizing blend of tranquility and tradition.

As we traversed the picturesque landscapes, Ziro Valley emerged as nature’s canvas, where the vibrant hues of rice fields and the lush greenery created a visual masterpiece.

It is not merely a valley but a testament to the symbiosis between nature and culture, a harmony that defines the essence of Arunachal Pradesh.

3. Bomdila: A Quaint Himalayan Haven


At an elevation of 8,200 feet, Bomdila is a quaint town surrounded by apple orchards and Buddhist monasteries.

The Bomdila Monastery is a must-visit, providing breathtaking views of the Kameng Valley.

Bomdila, with its Himalayan haven, invites travellers to embrace the town’s quaint charm.

The Bomdila Monastery, perched amidst the hills, becomes a vantage point to behold the Kameng Valley’s breathtaking vistas.

Each visit to these places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh unfolds layers of beauty, both natural and cultural.

4. Namdapha National Park: Biodiversity at its Best

Namdapha National Park

For wildlife enthusiasts, Namdapha National Park is a haven.

Home to diverse flora and fauna, including the elusive snow leopard, this park is a treat for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Namdapha National Park, a biodiversity hotspot, is a sanctuary of life, preserving the myriad flora and fauna that call Arunachal Pradesh home.

This park is a testament to the state’s commitment to conservation, inviting visitors to witness the splendour of its wilderness.

5. Itanagar: Capital City Delights


Itanagar, the capital city, is a vibrant blend of tradition and modernity.

The Ita Fort, a historical fort made of bricks dating back to the 14th century, is a testament to the region’s rich heritage.

Itanagar, the capital city, is a hub where tradition meets modernity.

The historic Ita Fort narrates tales from centuries past, showcasing the resilience of the region’s heritage.

The capital becomes a gateway to further exploration, echoing the diverse experiences that Arunachal Pradesh has to offer.

6. Sela Pass: Where Heaven Meets Earth

Sela Pass

At 13,700 feet, Sela Pass is a gateway to the Tawang district.

Surrounded by pristine lakes and snow-capped peaks, the pass offers a surreal experience, especially during winter when it transforms into a winter wonderland.

Journeying through the places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh is akin to navigating through Sela Pass, where heaven meets earth.

The surreal landscapes, pristine lakes, and snow-capped peaks create an otherworldly experience.

It is a passage that transcends the ordinary, leaving indelible imprints on the hearts of those who traverse it.

7. Dirang: A Hidden Gem


Nestled in the West Kameng district, Dirang is a hidden gem with hot water springs, apple orchards, and the picturesque Sangti Valley.

It’s an ideal destination for those seeking solace amidst nature.

Dirang, a hidden gem, unfolds its beauty with hot water springs, apple orchards, and the serene Sangti Valley.

Bhalukpong, the gateway to Arunachal Pradesh, becomes more than a point on the map; it introduces the scenic wonders and adventure that await exploration.

8. Bhalukpong: Gateway to Arunachal


Bhalukpong, situated on the banks of the Kameng River, is the perfect starting point for Arunachal Pradesh exploration.

The scenic beauty and diverse flora make it an excellent spot for camping and adventure activities.

9. Sangti Valley: An Apple Lover’s Paradise

Sangti Valley

Known for its apple orchards and mesmerizing landscapes, Sangti Valley is an offbeat destination.

The valley offers a peaceful retreat and a chance to witness the local Nyethidow festival.

10. Mehao Lake: Tranquil Waters

Mehao Lake

Mehao Lake, hidden amidst the lush greenery of Roing, is a serene spot surrounded by hills and forests.

The lake’s crystal-clear waters and the peaceful ambiance make it a must-visit destination.

As we delve deeper into the heart of Arunachal Pradesh, Mehao Lake emerges as a tranquil haven.

The crystal-clear waters and serene ambiance make it a spot for introspection and peace, reminding us that the journey through these places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh is not just about external exploration but also an inner vacation.

11. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary: A Haven for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

Formerly known as Pakhui Tiger Reserve, this sanctuary is a biodiverse hotspot.

It shelters various species of flora and fauna, including the Bengal tiger, making it a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.

The state’s commitment to wildlife conservation is evident in the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

It is a reminder of the delicate balance that sustains life, and Arunachal Pradesh opens its doors to those eager to witness this harmonious coexistence.

12. Nuranang Falls: A Cascade of Beauty

Nuranang Falls

Also known as Jung Falls, Nuranang Falls, near Tawang, is a spectacular sight.

The falls are surrounded by pristine landscapes, creating a breathtaking panorama.

Nuranang Falls, also known as Jung Falls, captivates with its cascading beauty.

Nature’s symphony reverberates through the falls, creating a melody that resonates with the untouched allure of Arunachal Pradesh.

13. Tezu: Cultural Extravaganza


Tezu, known for its cultural richness, hosts the Parasuram Kund Mela, an annual Hindu pilgrimage.

The festival attracts devotees and offers a glimpse into the religious diversity of Arunachal Pradesh.

Tezu, with its cultural extravagance during the Parasuram Kund Mela, showcases the diverse religious practices that merge in this region.

It celebrates unity in diversity, a theme that echoes through the Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh.

14. Roing: Riverside Serenity


Nestled on the banks of the Dibang River, Roing is a tranquil town offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

The Mayudia Pass and Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary are notable attractions.

Roing, with its riverside serenity, becomes a metaphor for the flow of time and experience.

The Mayudia Pass and Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary unfold stories of adventure and discovery, inviting travellers to become part of the narrative.

15. Bap Teng Kang Waterfall: Nature’s Symphony

Bap Teng Kang Waterfall

Hidden amidst the dense forests near Seppa, Bap Teng Kang Waterfall is a pristine gem.

The journey through lush landscapes to reach the waterfall is as enchanting as the waterfall itself.

Bap Teng Kang Waterfall, nestled in the dense forests near Seppa, symbolizes the hidden treasures that Arunachal Pradesh holds.

It is a reminder that some of the most beautiful experiences come from the journey through unexplored paths and verdant landscapes.

16. Mechuka: The Forbidden Valley


Known as the ‘Land of the Mech,’ Mechuka is a remote valley surrounded by hills and adorned with Buddhist monasteries.

The beauty of Mechuka lies in its remoteness and unspoiled landscapes.

Mechuka, the forbidden valley, beckons with its remoteness and untouched charm.

It is a destination where time seems to stand still, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the simplicity and authenticity of local life.

17. Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary: A Verdant Retreat

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to a variety of flora and fauna, Talley Valley is a biodiverse sanctuary near Ziro.

Trekking through this sanctuary provides a rejuvenating experience amid nature.

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, a verdant retreat near Ziro, encapsulates the idea that wildlife conservation and exploration can go hand in hand.

It is a sanctuary for both wildlife and the soul, offering a rejuvenating escape into nature.

18. Daporijo: A Confluence of Rivers


Daporijo, situated at the confluence of the Subansiri and Sippi rivers, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and tribal culture.

The hanging bridge over the Subansiri River is a thrilling attraction.

Daporijo, situated at the confluence of rivers, becomes a metaphor for the confluence of diverse experiences in Arunachal Pradesh.

The hanging bridge over the Subansiri River symbolizes the thrill of exploration; each step becomes a bridge to discovery.

19. Siddharth Falls: Nature’s Symphony

Siddharth Falls

Nestled in the West Kameng district, Siddharth Falls is a hidden gem.

The waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery, provides a peaceful escape for those seeking solace in nature.

Siddharth Falls, hidden in the West Kameng district, becomes a symphony of nature.

It is a reminder that amidst the hustle and bustle of life, there are still places where one can find solace and connect with the elements.

20. Pasighat: Gateway to Arunachal Pradesh


Situated on the banks of the Siang River, Pasighat is the gateway to Arunachal Pradesh.

The Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary and the beautiful Siang River offer a serene retreat for nature enthusiasts.


In conclusion, Arunachal Pradesh is a treasure trove of natural beauty, cultural richness, and diverse experiences.

These top 20 places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh are just a glimpse of what this enchanting state offers, inviting you to explore its hidden wonders and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our journey through these places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh has been nothing short of a diary filled with awe, inspiration, and a renewed appreciation for our world’s beauty.

Each destination is not just a spot on the map but a chapter in a larger narrative, inviting us to become storytellers of our adventures.

As we bid farewell to the Arunachal Diaries, we carry with us memories of the places we visited and a deeper understanding of the spirit that defines this northeastern jewel.

Arunachal Pradesh is not just a destination but an invitation to explore, discover, and appreciate our planet’s wonders.

It is a diary waiting to be written, with each page unveiling a new revelation, adventure, and appreciation for the places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, including the mesmerizing waterfalls in Arunachal Pradesh.