20 Stunning Places Near Bangalore for Weekend Wanderlust

In this blog post, we’ll unravel the hidden gems and showcase 20 stunning places near Bangalore that will ignite your wanderlust.

Welcome, travel enthusiasts, to the vibrant world of weekend wanderlust! If you’re a Bangalorean or just visiting the Silicon Valley of India, you’re in for a treat. Bangalore, known for its tech prowess, also boasts a rich cultural and natural heritage.

From historical marvels to serene getaways, let’s journey to discover the places near Bangalore that make for perfect weekend escapes.

As you navigate through the lush greenery and vibrant culture of places near Bangalore, you’ll find a diverse tapestry of experiences awaiting your exploration.

From the verdant hills to historical monuments steeped in tales of bygone eras, each destination near Bangalore offers a unique escape, providing solace to the weary soul and excitement to the adventure seeker.

Our journey begins with the iconic Nandi Hills, standing majestically as the sentinel of Bangalore’s outskirts.

Just a short drive away, these hills embrace you with their serene beauty, making them one of the must-visit places near Bangalore. The winding roads to the summit reveal panoramic vistas, offering a tranquil respite from the city’s chaos.

Nandi Hills is a testament to the natural splendor that awaits those willing to explore the places near Bangalore.

For those seeking a blend of nature and culture, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden emerges as a verdant oasis within Bangalore’s concrete jungle.

Weekend Wanderlust: Exploring Diverse Escapes Near Bangalore

This botanical haven isn’t just a collection of plants; it’s a living canvas showcasing the rich biodiversity that thrives in places near Bangalore.

The symphony of colors, fragrances, and the historic glasshouse transport you to a different world, making Lalbagh a cultural odyssey amid the places near Bangalore.

Venturing further into places near Bangalore, we discover the wild side at Bannerghatta National Park.

Whether you choose the safari or the butterfly park, Bannerghatta promises a rendezvous with nature’s wonders, offering a unique wildlife experience within the proximity of Bangalore.

For a regal escape, Mysuru beckons with its majestic palaces and rich heritage. Mysuru, within a few hours’ drive from Bangalore, stands as a testament to Karnataka’s royal past.

The opulent Mysuru Palace, with its intricate architecture, narrates tales of a bygone era. Indulge in the royal charm and delectable cuisine, making Mysuru an unparalleled retreat among the places near Bangalore.

Journeying further, the lush landscapes of Coorg unfold, inviting you to the “Coffee Land of Karnataka.” 

The rolling hills adorned with coffee plantations and misty landscapes create a soothing ambiance, making Coorg a blissful retreat among the places near Bangalore.

As we delve into the enchanting places near Bangalore in the upcoming sections, let the wanderlust within you guide this exploration of diverse landscapes, each promising a unique experience that adds to the tapestry of your memories.

So, buckle up for a virtual escapade through the 20 stunning places near Bangalore that will ignite your Weekend Wanderlust.

1. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills

Our first stop on this enchanting journey of places near Bangalore is the timeless Nandi Hills.

Just a short drive from the city, Nandi Hills offers breathtaking sunrise and sunset views.

The gentle hills, adorned with lush greenery, create a picturesque landscape that will leave you spellbound.

Whether you’re a nature lover or an adventure seeker, Nandi Hills has something for everyone.

Just a scenic drive from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a captivating retreat that beckons nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

The hills, named after the ancient Nandi Temple at the summit, are a testament to Karnataka’s natural beauty.

As you ascend, the gentle curves of the hills and the crisp mountain air create an ambience of tranquillity, providing a welcome escape from the urban clamour.

Nandi Hills is renowned for its breathtaking sunrise and sunset views.

The expansive view from the hilltop offers a panoramic canvas, showcasing Bangalore’s sprawling landscapes.

It’s a sight that truly encapsulates the beauty of places near Bangalore.

Adventure enthusiasts can embark on the trekking trails that meander through the hills, offering a physical challenge and a chance to immerse oneself in the lush greenery and diverse flora.

Whether you prefer a stroll or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, Nandi Hills caters to all, making it a versatile destination among the places near Bangalore.

2. Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Venture into the heart of Bangalore, and you’ll find the majestic Lalbagh Botanical Garden.

This botanical haven is a feast for the eyes and a sanctuary for rare and exotic plant species.

The serenity of Lalbagh provides a welcome escape from the bustling city life, making it one of the must-visit places near Bangalore.

This 240-acre garden, adorned with a stunning array of plant species, serves as a sanctuary for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

The garden’s name, Lalbagh, translates to “Red Garden” in English and lives up to its name with its vibrant floral displays.

Lalbagh is not just a garden; it’s a living canvas that showcases the region’s rich biodiversity.

The Kempegowda Tower at the garden’s centre provides a vantage point for Lalbagh’s symphony of colours and fragrances.

Inspired by London’s Crystal Palace, The Glass House hosts annual flower shows that attract visitors from far and wide.

As you wander through Lalbagh, you’ll encounter serene lakes, lush lawns, and exotic plant collections.

The centuries-old Peninsular Gneiss Rock formations add a geological charm to the garden, creating picturesque settings for relaxation and introspection.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and urban life, making it one of the must-visit places near Bangalore.

3. Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park

For wildlife enthusiasts, Bannerghatta National Park is a paradise waiting to be explored.

Located on the outskirts of Bangalore, this national park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna.

From the thrilling safari experience to the peaceful butterfly park, Bannerghatta promises an unforgettable adventure.

The journey to Bannerghatta National Park is a delightful escape from the urban chaos.

As you approach the park, the surroundings transform into a serene landscape, starkly contrasting the city’s hustle—the lush greenery and the crisp air signal that you enter a realm where nature takes centre stage.

Once inside the park, the safari experience takes you on a thrilling ride through the wilderness.

Spotting majestic creatures like lions, tigers, and elephants in their natural habitat is an awe-inspiring experience. 

After the safari, the park offers more delights with attractions like the Butterfly Park and the Zoo.

Walking through the lush greenery while butterflies dance around creates a tranquil ambiance, making it a perfect spot for relaxation.

4. Mysuru (Mysore)

Mysuru (Mysore)

The city’s rich history is evident in its magnificent palaces, including the opulent Mysuru Palace.

Indulge in the local cuisine, shop for traditional silk, and witness the grandeur of Mysuru, making it one of the top places near Bangalore for a weekend getaway.

The cityscape of Mysuru is adorned with architectural marvels that whisper tales of a bygone era.

As you stroll through the vibrant Devaraja Market or witness the intricate carvings at the Chamundi Hills, the cultural richness of Mysuru comes alive. The aroma of Mysuru Pak, a delectable sweet, wafts through the air, inviting you to savour the city’s culinary delights.

Mysuru is not just about historical monuments; it’s a cultural mosaic where every street and corner tells a story.

The bustling streets, adorned with silk shops and incense stalls, immerse you in the city’s vibrant traditions. The illuminated Mysuru Palace at night is a spectacle that shouldn’t be missed, casting a magical glow over the city.

In addition to its historical grandeur, Mysuru offers a tranquil escape at the sprawling Brindavan Gardens.

The well-manicured gardens, musical fountains, and picturesque KRS Dam create a serene environment, providing a perfect setting for a leisurely evening stroll.

5. Coorg


Known as the “Scotland of India,” Coorg is a mesmerizing hill station near Bangalore that enchants with its lush coffee plantations and misty landscapes.

The cool climate and the aroma of coffee in the air make Coorg a perfect retreat for those seeking tranquility.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a nature lover, Coorg has something magical for everyone.

The undulating hills of Coorg are adorned with sprawling coffee plantations that contribute to the region’s economic wealth and provide a serene backdrop for a leisurely weekend escape.

A stroll through the coffee estates, with the beans ripening on the branches, is an immersive experience that connects you with the earthy essence of this place near Bangalore.

Beyond the coffee-scented landscapes, Coorg boasts many activities for the adventurous at heart.

With their cascading beauty, Abbey Falls and the wildlife sanctuary at Nagarhole are additional gems that make Coorg a diverse and captivating destination near Bangalore.

6. Lepakshi


Immerse yourself in history and art at Lepakshi, a small town near Bangalore known for its architectural marvels.

The Veerabhadra Temple, adorned with intricate carvings, transports you to a bygone era.

Lepakshi is a testament to Bangalore’s rich cultural heritage and is a great place for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts.

Lepakshi is renowned for the Veerabhadra Temple, a masterpiece of Vijayanagar architecture.

The colossal Nandi statue, carved from a single granite rock, is an awe-inspiring sight that adds to the architectural marvel of this historical place near Bangalore.

The temple’s famed “hanging pillar” is a captivating architectural anomaly, where one of the pillars appears to be suspended in mid-air.

This engineering marvel has become a symbol of Lepakshi’s rich cultural heritage and draws visitors from Bangalore and beyond.

Exploring the temple’s precincts, which are adorned with ancient frescoes and sculptures, offers a glimpse into the artistic grandeur of the Vijayanagara Empire.

7. Hampi


Hampi, with its ancient temples and boulder-strewn landscapes, is a treasure trove for history lovers and photographers alike.

The unique blend of history and natural beauty makes Hampi one of the top places near Bangalore worth exploring.

The Virupaksha Temple is a highlight of Hampi. Its towering gopuram and intricate carvings showcase the architectural prowess of the Vijayanagara rulers.

As you wander through the ancient market streets and the royal enclosure, the stories of a once-thriving empire come to life.

Hampi is one of the most culturally rich places near Bangalore, with its captivating history and surreal vistas.

8. Skandagiri


For adrenaline lovers seeking a thrilling weekend adventure, Skandagiri is the place to be.

Famous for its nighttime trekking experience, Skandagiri offers a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and valleys at sunrise.

The trek is challenging but rewarding, making it a favorite among adventure seekers looking for places near Bangalore.

Skandagiri offers an exhilarating night trek in the Nandi Hills range that culminates in a mesmerizing sunrise from the hill’s summit.

The keyword seamlessly integrates into the narrative, emphasizing Skandagiri as one of the top trekking places near Bangalore.

The trek to the top is both challenging and rewarding. As you ascend through the lush greenery, the city lights of Bangalore twinkle below, creating a magical atmosphere.

Reaching the summit just in time for the first light of dawn is an experience that words can hardly capture.

Skandagiri, with its trekking adventure and breathtaking views, is undoubtedly one of the must-visit places near Bangalore for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

9. BR Hills (Biligiriranga Hills)

BR Hills (Biligiriranga Hills)

Nestled between the Western and Eastern Ghats, BR Hills is a haven for nature lovers.

The Biligiriranga Hills, with their diverse flora and fauna, offer a unique blend of wildlife and scenic beauty.

The Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple atop the hills adds a spiritual touch to this natural paradise, making it one of the most serene places near Bangalore.

As a sanctuary for wildlife, BR Hills beckons with its diverse flora and fauna.

The Biligiriranga Hills are home to various species, including elephants, tigers, leopards, and numerous birds.

The Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary, spread across the hills, provides a unique opportunity for nature enthusiasts to witness the untamed beauty of the region.

With its diverse wildlife, serene landscapes, and a touch of spirituality, BR Hills offers a complete package for those seeking a weekend escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

So, suppose you’re yearning for a tranquil retreat that combines adventure, spirituality, and breathtaking scenery.

In that case, BR Hills is undoubtedly one of the 20 stunning places near Bangalore that deserves a spot on your travel itinerary.

10. Kanakapura


Just a short drive from Bangalore lies the charming town of Kanakapura, surrounded by lush greenery and pristine lakes.

Adventure lovers can go on water activities at the Art of Living International Center’s lake, while nature lovers can explore the Bananthimari Betta for a stunning panoramic view.

Kanakapura’s tranquil ambiance makes it a perfect escape from the city.

As you explore Kanakapura, you’ll be greeted by the scenic beauty of Bananthimari Betta, a picturesque hill offering a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in water activities at the Art of Living International Center’s lake, adding an exciting element to this tranquil retreat.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful lakeside experience or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, Kanakapura has it all, making it one of the top places near Bangalore for a weekend getaway.

11. Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra Falls

For those enchanted by the beauty of waterfalls, Shivanasamudra Falls beckons. A picturesque cascade on the Kaveri River, these falls are a scenic marvel.

The twin falls—Barachukki and Gaganachukki—surrounded by lush greenery create a breathtaking spectacle that showcases the raw power of nature, making it one of the must-visit places near Bangalore.

Shivanasamudra Falls is a haven for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

The thundering sound of water as it cascades down the rocks and the mist that envelops the surroundings create a serene and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

A visit to Shivanasamudra Falls offers a rejuvenating experience, allowing you to connect with the beauty of nature, making it a must-visit destination near Bangalore.

12. Hesaraghatta Lake

Hesaraghatta Lake

Escape the urban hustle and bustle at Hesaraghatta Lake, a serene getaway on the outskirts of Bangalore.

This artificial reservoir offers a peaceful retreat to enjoy bird-watching or relax by the lakeside.

Hesaraghatta Lake is a hidden gem near Bangalore, providing a tranquil environment to unwind.

Hesaraghatta Lake, one of the lesser-known places near Bangalore, is a haven for bird watchers.

The lake attracts a variety of avian species, making it an ideal destination for those passionate about ornithology.

Catch glimpses of migratory birds and local species as they gracefully navigate the peaceful waters, adding a touch of natural harmony to the surroundings.

Engage in a tranquil boat ride on Hesaraghatta Lake, allowing the soothing ripples to carry you into a world of calmness.

Whether seeking a quiet day of reflection or a scenic backdrop for a leisurely picnic, Hesaraghatta Lake provides the perfect setting.

Amidst the chirping of birds and the gentle lapping of water, rediscover the joy of simplicity at this hidden gem near Bangalore.

13. Chikmagalur


Perched in the Western Ghats, Chikmagalur is a paradise for coffee lovers and nature enthusiasts.

The rolling hills covered in coffee plantations, the lush forests, and the pleasant climate make Chikmagalur an ideal destination for a weekend retreat.

Take advantage of the sunrise at Mullayanagiri, the highest peak in Karnataka, for a surreal experience.

The rolling hills of Chikmagalur offer a refreshing escape from the urban chaos, making it an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility.

Nestled amidst the plantations, Chikmagalur beckons with the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Take a stroll through the emerald-green coffee estates, where the symphony of nature combines with the region’s rich history.

Chikmagalur is not just a treat for the senses; it also caters to the adventurous spirit. Embark on a trek to Mullayanagiri, the highest peak in Karnataka, and be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

The lush Baba Budangiri Range, dotted with ancient temples and caves, adds a touch of mystique to this already captivating destination near Bangalore.

14. Shivagange


For a unique blend of religious fervour and natural beauty, head to Shivagange, a hillock near Bangalore.

The sacred spring at the top, believed to have originated from Lord Shiva’s hair, attracts pilgrims and trekkers alike.

The panoramic view of the surrounding landscape from the top adds to the allure of Shivagange, making it a distinctive place near Bangalore.

As you ascend the hillock, the Nandi statue, an epitome of devotion, welcomes you.

Legend has it that the spring at the top, known as “Ganga,” originated from Lord Shiva’s hair, adding a mythical charm to this place.

The rocky terrain adds an element of excitement, especially for those who enjoy a bit of rock climbing. Shivagange, with its spiritual aura and adventurous trails, caters to a diverse range of interests.

15. Yelagiri


Escape to the quiet and unexplored hills of Yelagiri, a hidden gem among the places near Bangalore.

Surrounded by orchards and rose gardens, Yelagiri offers a peaceful retreat away from the crowds.

The Punganur Lake and Swamimalai Hills provide stunning vistas, creating a serene ambiance that makes Yelagiri a perfect weekend getaway.

 Surrounded by lush orchards and rose gardens, Yelagiri exudes tranquillity and serenity.

The Punganur Lake, shimmering under the gentle sunlight, complements the picturesque Swamimalai Hills, providing a perfect backdrop for a rejuvenating getaway.

Yelagiri is a sanctuary for those seeking peaceful solitude amid nature’s embrace.

16. Anthargange


For an otherworldly experience, venture to Anthargange, a hill range known for its unique volcanic rock formations.

The rocky terrain offers a thrilling caving experience, with numerous caves waiting to be explored.

The night trek and the view of the starlit sky from the top of Anthargange make it an adventure-packed destination near Bangalore.

The Anthargange hills are a haven for cave exploration, attracting novice and experienced spelunkers.

As you venture into the labyrinthine caves, the play of light and shadows on the volcanic rocks creates an otherworldly atmosphere.

The night trek experience adds an extra charisma, with the stars illuminating your path as you navigate the rocky landscape.

Anthargange isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey into the heart of nature’s geological marvels, providing a unique adventure among the places near Bangalore.

Begin your journey at Anthargange, exploring the mysterious caves and embracing the thrill of a night trek under the starlit sky.

Witness the geological marvels that make Anthargange a gem among places near Bangalore.

17. Ramanagara


Known as the Silk City and the location where the iconic movie “Sholay” was filmed, Ramanagara is a rock climbing paradise.

Adventure enthusiasts can conquer the challenging granite hills, while nature lovers can revel in the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Ramanagara, with its rustic charm, is one of the offbeat places near Bangalore that promises a memorable experience.

The challenge of conquering the rocks is rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and breathtaking vistas.

Beyond the adventure, Ramanagara’s rustic charm and historical significance create a unique blend, making it not just a rock climber’s haven but also a captivating destination among the places near Bangalore.

18. Manchanabele Dam

Manchanabele Dam

A hidden gem for water sports enthusiasts, Manchanabele Dam is located on the Arkavathi River.

The serene waters provide a perfect setting for kayaking and other water activities.

Surrounded by hills and greenery, Manchanabele Dam offers a peaceful escape from the city, making it an ideal day trip destination among the places near Bangalore.

The lush greenery surrounding the dam provides a picturesque backdrop for water enthusiasts.

Boasting a calm ambiance, Manchanabele Dam is an ideal spot for a day trip, allowing visitors to escape the urban chaos and indulge in water sports like kayaking and canoeing.

The calm waters against the scenic hills make Manchanabele Dam a must-visit destination for those seeking a refreshing retreat near Bangalore.

19. Talakadu


Unravel the mysteries of Talakadu, a town steeped in history and legends. Talakadu, the once-glorious capital of the Ganga dynasty, is now buried under dunes.

The ancient temples, submerged in sand, create a surreal landscape that tells tales of a bygone era. Talakadu’s historical significance makes it a unique destination near Bangalore for history enthusiasts.

 As you explore the ancient temples, half-submerged in the sand, you’ll be transported to an era of kings and kingdoms.

Talakadu’s historical significance adds a unique charm to the places near Bangalore, making it a fascinating destination for history enthusiasts.

The enigmatic aura surrounding the submerged temples and the stories embedded in the sand make Talakadu a captivating stop for your weekend wanderlust.

20. Bheemeshwari


Our final destination among the stunning places near Bangalore is Bheemeshwari, a nature lover’s paradise.

Nestled along the Cauvery River, Bheemeshwari is renowned for its eco-tourism activities.

Engage in river rafting, trekking, and wildlife safaris, surrounded by the lush greenery of the Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary.

The tranquil setting and diverse activities make Bheemeshwari an ideal place near Bangalore to rejuvenate your senses.


The allure of places near Bangalore lies in their accessibility and the variety they bring to the table.

Whether you’re a history buff, an adventure seeker, or someone yearning for a peaceful retreat, Bangalore’s surroundings cater to every wanderer’s desires.

Nandi Hills, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, and Bannerghatta National Park stand as a testament to the natural wonders that lie just a stone’s throw away from the city.

These places near Bangalore offer an escape from the daily grind, allowing you to reconnect with nature and rejuvenate your senses.

Beyond the city limits, historical marvels like Lepakshi and Hampi beckon, each narrating its own story.

These places near Bangalore transport you to bygone eras, where intricate carvings and ancient ruins unveil the region’s rich cultural heritage.

The proximity of such historical gems ensures that Bangaloreans can seamlessly weave the past into their weekend getaways, creating a harmonious blend of old and new.

The adventure seekers, too, find solace in Bangalore’s tourist places. Skandagiri and Anthargange offer thrilling trekking experiences, where the rugged terrains and starlit skies become the backdrop for unforgettable escapades.

Exploring the Hidden Treasures: 20 Stunning Places Near Bangalore

For those with a penchant for water sports, Manchanabele Dam presents an idyllic setting, making it clear that adventure is not confined to far-off destinations but is right at the doorstep of Bangalore.

As we traverse through these 20 stunning places near Bangalore, it becomes evident that the city’s surroundings are a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Chikmagalur’s coffee plantations, Yelagiri’s unexplored hills, and Bheemeshwari’s eco-tourism activities showcase the diverse landscapes within a short radius.

These places near Bangalore are a reminder that adventure, serenity, and natural beauty are not distant dreams but readily available experiences for those willing to embark on a weekend wanderlust.

The enchanting journey through places near Bangalore also highlights the importance of preserving these gems for future generations.

Whether it’s the historical significance of Talakadu or the ecological balance of BR Hills, these destinations need our attention and respect.

Responsible tourism ensures that the beauty and cultural heritage of places near Bangalore remain intact, allowing each wanderer to experience the magic these locales hold.

In essence, the weekend wanderlust around Bangalore is not just a collection of destinations but a celebration of the diverse facets that make Karnataka a truly enchanting state.

The 20 stunning places near Bangalore invite you to go beyond the city limits, explore, marvel, and create memories that linger long after the weekend.

So, let the wanderlust guide you, and may the beauty of these places near Bangalore ignite a passion for exploration in your heart. Happy wandering