25 Must-Visit Tourist Places in Patna

Welcome to the lively city of Patna! This blog is your passport to discovering 25 Must-Visit Tourist Places in Patna.

Tourist Place in Patna has a unique story, blending history, culture, and charm. Whether you’re a fan of ancient ruins, spiritual sites, or modern attractions, Patna has something special for everyone.

Patna, the capital of Bihar, is a city that beautifully blends the old with the new. When we say “Tourist Place in Patna,” we’re not just talking about locations; we’re talking about the heart and soul of a city that has seen it all – from ancient empires to the birth of religions and even freedom struggles.

Our journey through these 25 must-visit places will be like peeling back the layers of a rich and colorful history. From the iconic Golghar, showcasing fantastic architecture, to the peaceful Buddha Smriti Park, each spot uniquely contributes to Patna’s charm’s mosaic.

So, prepare for a virtual adventure through Patna’s streets and alleys. Whether you love history, seek spirituality, or want to soak in the culture, Patna Calling is here to be your guide.

Each Tourist Place in Patna is more than just a destination – it’s a little piece of the city’s heart waiting for you to explore and enjoy. Let the adventure begin!

1. Golghar: A Symbol of Architectural Excellence


Golghar in Patna is like a giant piece of history standing proudly. Built-in 1786 by Captain John Garstin, it’s not just a big building; it’s a special tourist place in Patna that tells a story.

This place symbolizes how intelligent people were back then. They made Golghar to store a lot of food during tough times, like when there wasn’t enough to eat, with a strong wall and a fantastic round shape.

You can climb to the top using a spiral staircase, and from there, you get a tremendous view of Patna and the Ganges River.

Imagine, Golghar wasn’t just about looks. It had an important job – keeping people fed. Now, it’s not storing grain anymore, but it’s doing a new job – welcoming tourists to admire its old-world charm.

So, when you’re in Patna, don’t miss Golghar. It’s not just a big, old building; it’s a living piece of history waiting for you to discover its stories.

2. Mahavir Mandir: A Spiritual Haven

Mahavir Mandir

Nestled in the heart of Patna, Mahavir Mandir is a special place for folks looking for spiritual peace. It’s not just a temple; it’s like a peaceful retreat that welcomes everyone. This place is one of the must-visit tourist spots in Patna, attracting people from all over.

Looking at it, you’ll notice it’s not just a simple building; it’s like a work of art. The carvings and colors make it unique and add to Patna’s charm as a tourist destination.

What makes Mahavir Mandir special is that it’s not just for one group of people. Anyone, no matter their beliefs, is welcome. It’s like an open invitation to experience something spiritual.

Whether you’re a regular visitor or just passing through, Mahavir Mandir is like a piece of Patna’s history, making it a must-visit tourist place in the city.

3. Patna Museum: Preserving the Past

Patna Museum

In the heart of Patna, there’s a special place that takes you on a journey back in time – the Patna Museum. This place is like a superhero for the city because it keeps and protects the stories and treasures of the olden days. This museum is a must-visit if you’re looking for a cool tourist place in Patna.

One of the most incredible things in this museum is the Didarganj Yakshi. It’s like a superhero statue from a long, long time ago. The details are so fancy that you might think it’s from a magical land. But no, it’s from the ancient times of Bihar, and it’s like a rock star in the museum, especially for people who love art.

So, if you want to time travel without a machine, head to the Patna Museum. It’s not just a tourist place in Patna; it’s a magical portal to the city’s history, waiting for you to explore and enjoy!

4. Takht Sri Patna Sahib: Sikh Pilgrimage Destination

Takht Sri Patna Sahib

One of Patna’s most revered tourist places is Takht Sri Patna Sahib, a sacred destination that holds immense significance for the Sikh community. This Gurudwara is dedicated to Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, marking the holy site where he was born in 1666.

Pilgrims worldwide visit this spiritual haven to pay their respects and seek blessings. The serenity of the complex, the rhythmic recitation of prayers, and the vibrant atmosphere make Takht Sri Patna Sahib a pilgrimage site, a cultural landmark, and an essential tourist place in Patna.

5. Kumhrar: Unveiling Ancient Ruins


For history enthusiasts, Kumhrar is a captivating tourist place in Patna that unveils the ancient ruins of Pataliputra, the capital of the Mauryan Empire. Excavations at Kumhrar have brought to light the remnants of the grandeur that once defined this ancient city.

From the Mauryan Pillars to the remains of a palace, Kumhrar paints a vivid picture of the architectural marvels of a bygone era. Walking through these archaeological treasures is like stepping back in time, making Kumhrar a must-visit tourist place in Patna for those seeking a glimpse into the city’s glorious past.

6. Agam Kuan: Mystical and Mysterious

Agam Kuan

Agam Kuan, meaning ‘Unfathomable Well,’ is a mysterious gem among tourist places in Patna that beckons with its mystical aura. Legend has it that Emperor Ashoka used this well for torturing prisoners, adding an air of intrigue to its depths.

The circular structure and the ancient staircase leading down make Agam Kuan a site of historical and archaeological interest. Visitors are drawn to its historical significance and the enigmatic stories surrounding this well, making it a unique and mysterious tourist place in Patna that invites exploration and contemplation.

7. Padri Ki Haveli: A Colonial Legacy

Padri Ki Haveli

The haveli, meaning mansion, served as the residence for Augustinian friars during the colonial era. Its intricate architecture, characterized by arches and colonial-style windows, transports visitors to a bygone era.

Walking through the halls, one can almost hear echoes of the past, resonating with stories of the European missionaries who once called Padri Ki Haveli home.

The serene ambiance within the haveli’s courtyard starkly contrasts the hustle outside. The tranquil church, adorned with beautiful stained glass windows and religious artifacts, offers a place for reflection and prayer.

Pilgrims and tourists find solace in this colonial-era sanctuary, making Padri Ki Haveli a unique tourist place in Patna that bridges the gap between the old and the new.

8. Bihar Museum: A Modern Cultural Hub

Bihar Museum

The museum’s architecture blends modern aesthetics and traditional design, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence of past and present. Inside, myriad exhibits unfold, ranging from ancient sculptures to contemporary artworks.

The Bihar Museum seamlessly incorporates technology, offering interactive displays and immersive experiences that engage visitors of all ages.

One of the highlights is the ‘Didarganj Yakshi,’ an ancient sculpture that captivates art enthusiasts with its timeless beauty. The museum also houses artifacts from various dynasties, showcasing Bihar’s historical journey.

The Bihar Museum is not merely a repository of relics; it’s a living canvas that narrates the story of Patna, making it a vibrant and indispensable tourist place in Patna for cultural enthusiasts.

9. Jalan Museum: Private Collection Extravaganza

Jalan Museum

Tucked away from the mainstream tourist circuit, the Jalan Museum is a hidden gem that unveils a private collection extravaganza. This exclusive museum showcases the passion and dedication of its owner, Mr. S. N. Jalan, who has meticulously curated a remarkable assortment of artifacts, sculptures, and paintings.

From ancient sculptures to contemporary art, the Jalan Museum offers a diverse journey through time and artistic evolution. This private collection extravaganza has become a cultural beacon, attracting art connoisseurs and enthusiasts to explore the richness of Bihar’s artistic heritage.

10. Sri Krishna Science Centre: Fusion of Fun and Learning

Sri Krishna Science Centre

Right in the middle of Patna is the Sri Krishna Science Centre—a fantastic place that mixes fun with learning. It’s not your usual spot; it’s more like an exciting science playground. Families and students love it because it’s not just dull textbooks but about touching, playing, and discovering.

The Science Centre has excellent exhibits, shows that make science enjoyable, and even a planetarium with impressive space displays. Forget what you think you know about museums; this one is a blast for anyone looking to have a good time while learning. If you’re in Patna, this is a must-visit tourist place.

11. Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library: Literary Oasis

Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library

In the busy city of Patna, there’s a special place called the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library that book lovers will adore. Imagine stepping into a place that feels like a time machine, filled with ancient books and manuscripts.

This library has been around since 1891, and it’s like a treasure chest of knowledge. People who love reading, researching, or just being surrounded by the smell of old books will find this place magical.

The Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library is more than just a tourist place in Patna; it’s like a cozy oasis for anyone thirsty for knowledge and stories.

12. Patna Planetarium: Celestial Journey

Patna Planetarium

Get ready for a space adventure at the Patna Planetarium—a super cool tourist place in Patna. It’s not like a regular museum; it’s a place to learn about stars, planets, and everything in the sky.

The planetarium has shows that make you feel like you’re flying through space, making learning about the universe more fun.

It’s not just for science nerds; it’s for everyone who wonders about what’s up there. The Patna Planetarium is like a ticket to the stars, and if you’re in Patna, missing it would be like skipping the best part of the journey.

13. Phulwari Sharif: Spiritual Retreat

Phulwari Sharif

Phulwari Sharif, located just outside Patna, is a peaceful retreat for those seeking calm and spirituality.

It’s a special tourist place in Patna known for its Sufi shrines, creating a serene atmosphere that attracts both devoted followers and curious tourists.

The soothing sounds of Qawwali music add to the experience, making it a unique and must-visit spot in Patna.

14. Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park: Nature’s Abode

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

If you love nature and wildlife, the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park is like a playground within Patna. This tourist place in Patna is like a home for various animals and plants, allowing visitors to see a wide variety of them up close. 

Apart from the animals, the park also teaches visitors why protecting the environment is essential. With interactive programs and guided tours, it’s not just a place to have fun but also to learn.

This mix of enjoyment and education makes the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park a lively tourist destination in Patna, contributing to the city’s efforts to keep nature thriving.

15. Patna Sahib Gurudwara: Spiritual Pilgrimage

Patna Sahib Gurudwara

Patna Sahib Gurudwara is not just a place of worship; it’s like a spiritual journey in the heart of Patna. The beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere create a sacred space that echoes the teachings of Sikhism.

People worldwide visit Patna Sahib Gurudwara to pay respects to Guru Gobind Singh and experience the spiritual vibes.

The golden domes, soothing hymns, and community kitchens serving free meals showcase the values of humility and equality in Sikhism.

It’s not just a religious place; it’s a cultural and historical gem, making it a welcoming tourist destination in Patna for everyone.

16. Begu Hajjam’s Mosque: Architectural Grandeur

Begu Hajjam's Mosque

Begu Hajjam’s Mosque in Patna is like a beautiful story told in stone. It’s an old building that shows off how fantastic architecture was back in the Mughal times.

When you visit, you’ll see many detailed carvings, incredible domes, and tall minarets that make it look unique. It’s not just a building; it’s a way to travel back in time and feel the history of Patna’s Islamic heritage.

As you walk around, notice the fancy arches, the fancy writing on the walls, and the quiet yard. Everything feels peaceful, even though the city is busy around it. Begu Hajjam’s Mosque is more than just a place to see; it’s a chance to appreciate the detailed beauty on its walls and feel the history around you.

17. Sadaqat Ashram: Gandhi’s Footprints

Sadaqat Ashram

Sadaqat Ashram in Patna is a house that once welcomed a significant person—Mahatma Gandhi.

This ashram is not just a building; it’s like a museum that tells the story of India’s fight for freedom. Gandhi lived here when the country was trying to be free, and the ashram is a reminder of his simple way of living and his powerful ideas.

Walking through the ashram feels like going back in time. You’ll see where Gandhi slept, prayed, and considered how to make India accessible.

Sadaqat Ashram is not just for history lovers but anyone who wants to understand how one person’s ideas can change a whole nation. The quiet surroundings and the nearby river make it a peaceful place to think about the past.

18. Martyrs’ Memorial: Tribute to Sacrifice

Martyrs' Memorial

The Martyrs’ Memorial in Patna is like a big thank you to the brave people who gave up everything for India’s freedom. It’s a sad but essential place that tells a story of how some heroes stood up against the rulers to ensure we can enjoy our freedom today.

The memorial is like a quiet park where you can think about the sacrifices made during the Quit India Movement. Its design is unique because it shows the bravery and spirit of those times.

Visiting this place is not just a tour; it’s a chance to thank the heroes who ensured we had the freedom to live our lives the way we want. The peaceful atmosphere helps you remember the importance of their sacrifices.

19. Nalanda Medical College and Hospital: Medical Marvel

Nalanda Medical College and Hospital

While not a conventional tourist place, the Nalanda Medical College and Hospital deserves recognition for its architectural splendor. The blend of modern medical facilities with architectural aesthetics makes it a noteworthy site, reflecting the city’s progress in healthcare infrastructure.

Nalanda Medical College and Hospital, often known as NMCH, is a remarkable place in Patna for health care. It’s not just a hospital; it’s a medical marvel. Imagine a place that not only takes care of people’s health but also looks fantastic. NMCH is like that.

It’s a big, fancy building showing how Patna is getting better at caring for people. So, when you visit Patna, check out NMCH. It’s not just good for health; it’s also cool to look at!

20. Kangan Ghat: Riverside Charm

Kangan Ghat

Experience the serene charm of the Ganges at Kangan Ghat, a picturesque riverside location. Whether you take a peaceful stroll along the banks or a boat ride on the Ganges, Kangan Ghat offers a tranquil escape, making it a scenic tourist spot in Patna.

If you’re in Patna and want to chill out, head to Kangan Ghat. It’s like a chill-out spot by the Ganges River. Imagine a peaceful walk by the river or even a boat ride. Kangan Ghat is all about that. It’s like a break from the city noise.

You can enjoy the calm river and the green stuff around it. So, when you’re in Patna and need a peaceful time, Kangan Ghat is the place to be. It’s not just a river spot; it’s a chill spot

21. Didarganj Yakshi: Ancient Beauty

Didarganj Yakshi

Admire the ancient beauty of Didarganj Yakshi, a mesmerizing sculpture from the Mauryan period. This ancient artifact, now housed in the Patna Museum, showcases the artistic finesse of that era, making it an essential tourist place in Patna for art and history enthusiasts.

If you’re into old and beautiful stuff, Didarganj Yakshi is your thing. It’s like an ancient and pretty piece of art. This sculpture is from a long time ago and now lives in the Patna Museum. When you look at it, you see how people used to make extraordinary things back then.

Didarganj Yakshi is like a piece of history right there in Patna. So, if you want to see something old and cool, check out Didarganj Yakshi. It’s not just an old thing; it’s a beautiful thing!

22. Mangal Talab: Urban Oasis

Mangal Talab

Mangal Talab, tucked away in the heart of Patna, is like a quiet retreat within the city’s hustle and bustle. It’s a lovely pond surrounded by greenery – trees, bushes, the whole deal. This place is a must-visit for anyone in Patna, whether a local or just passing through because it gives you a break from the noise and lets you chill out.

Once you step into Mangal Talab, the city noise disappears. You can hear the water in the pond and the leaves rustling in the trees. It’s peaceful. You can walk around the pond or sit by the water. Families often come here for picnics, making it an excellent spot for everyone.

Mangal Talab is like a little nature spot in the middle of the city, making it a top tourist place in Patna for those who want some calm.

23. Patna High Court: Legal Elegance

Patna High Court

In the middle of Patna, this big, grand building is called the Patna High Court. It’s not just a place for lawyers and legal staff; it’s also an incredible landmark that adds to the city’s vibe. If you’re into cool buildings and history, you should check it out. It’s not just for the legally severe people – it’s for everyone.

The Patna High Court looks impressive. Its mix of old-school and fancy architecture makes it stand out. It’s like a living museum of law. As a tourist place in Patna, the Patna High Court is not just for law nerds; it’s for anyone who wants to see something cool and learn a bit about the legal side of the city.

24. Shri Krishna Vatika: Amusement Extravaganza

Shri Krishna Vatika

If you’re looking for a break from all the severe history and calm nature, Shri Krishna Vatika is the place to be. It’s like a giant playground for kids, adults, and everyone. This amusement park in Patna is a blast and a tourist place you don’t want to miss.

Shri Krishna Vatika is full of colorful rides that scream fun. Roller coasters, merry-go-rounds – you name it, they’ve got it. Families spend the whole day here because there’s something for everyone. Besides the rides, some shows and events add to the fun.

You can grab snacks and maybe a souvenir to remember the good times. It’s not just an amusement park; it’s a place of joy and excitement for everyone in Patna, making it a must-visit tourist place in the city.

25. Buddha Smriti Park: Tranquil Reflection

Buddha Smriti Park

Our final destination is Buddha Smriti Park, a tranquil oasis in the city’s heart.

This park, built in memory of Lord Buddha, offers a peaceful retreat with lush greenery, serene ponds, and the majestic Buddha Smriti Stupa.

It is a perfect ending to our journey, emphasizing tranquility and reflection, making it a must-visit tourist place in Patna.


Our trip exploring Patna’s 25 must-visit tourist places has been fantastic. We’ve seen old buildings like Golghar and Begu Hajjam’s Mosque, learned about the city’s history at places like Kumhrar, and felt the spiritual vibes at Mahavir Mandir and Patna Sahib Gurudwara.

Patna isn’t just about the past—it’s also about embracing the present and future. The Bihar and Jalan Museum showcases cool Bihar stuff, and places like Sri Krishna Science Centre mix education with fun. We also found peaceful spots like Mangal Talab and Kangan Ghat, showing that Patna can be both modern and chill.

Whether you’re into history, spirituality, or art or want an excellent time, Patna has you covered. The city is welcoming, full of life, and has many exciting places to explore.

The busy streets, different cultures, and the feeling of history everywhere make Patna an excellent place for adventure. Moreover, don’t forget to indulge in the delectable food of Bihar while you’re here!

Patna is like a mix of old stories, today’s hustle, and the excitement of what’s coming next. Until you get to check out these cool places in Patna for yourself, the city’s friendly invitation will stick with you, urging you to come and experience its unique blend of history and culture